City Snapshots Vol #2

After a successful City Snapshots event, we decided to continue the event takin a different theme. Located at Underpass Park in Toronto, this theme will include a model. Looking at the urban setting which consist of graffitis and dynamic surrounding, street style fashion suited perfectly. Ariel volunteered to be our model for this session. Having a long experience in modelling, both for editorial and runways, he agreed to be the subject of photography. It was a perfect sunny day with some groups skateboarding and some families playing at a nearby playground. A bit about Underpass Park which located beneath the Eastern Avenue, Richmond and Adelaide overpasses, it is the most extensive park to be built under an overpass in Canada, and the first ever in Toronto. Underpass Park is home to Mirage, a public art piece designed by award-winning Toronto artist and architect Paul Raff.

We started the group photo session at 10 AM and Ariel gave us various poses between our shutter clicks. In street fashion, we just have to be aware of passerby, vehicles or sometimes animals that might be "flooding" into frame. Also keep an eye on the sunlight direction which can create a shadow from the photographer themselves. Other than that, just be as creative as you want with directions on how you want the model to pose. Since Underpass Park have high pillars, it's a good idea to capture from a lower angle to create spacious effect on the picture. Just be mindful of other photographers where you're standing or in use of a flash. Trial and error always helpful to develop your own photography style.

Model: Ariel Alud-ud (@alududariel)