City Snapshots Vol #3

On November 16, 2019 City Snapshots continued with our third volume. This time taking the theme foodtography, we're exploring our creativity with food photography. Thanks to the good folks at 519, we are lended a wonderful space for our indoor photography session. The room comes with a great natural light source from the window in a chilly November weather. Having few table setup and another additional spot-in light, our group off having fun with our cameras.

To create a good food photography, it's quite simple actually. Follow these simple rules: best light source is natural light, tripod to keep your image sharp, and explore every angle. Some other advance foodtography use technique to make the food or beverage stands out. Like for example did you know you can make an image ice cream doesn't melt throughout the photo session by replacing it by mashed potatoe and food colouring? Those tips need more preparation for sure but will result perfectly especially for commercials.

For this session, we're just having fun. Combining different items of food with each other to create a different feel of an image. After an hour, we came up with a set of incredible images. Thank you for everyone that attended the session and see you all in the next City Snapshots!