City Snapshots

On August 31st, I decided to make a fun event of photography inviting Out & Out Club Toronto members. The theme basically just street photography on a vibrant area of Kensington Market in Toronto, thus I called it "City Snapshots". There were six of us with various level of photography skills and equipment. Taking pictures supposed to be fun, it's not about expensive gears or biggest lens. It's the person behind the viewfinder with passion and ideas later on to be enjoyed by other people.

It was a sunny Saturday and the market full of passerby, cyclists, pets and other objects ready to be captured. Max, Jeffrey, Mark, Gary, Rob and myself started the morning with talking about photography 101. What's okay and not okay when taking pictures in public places. I've talked about it on one of my blog here: go and check it out! It essentially guidelines to make photographers (and the subject) more comfortable in the process. Furthermore, we decided to split up and venture the busy market and meet up in 45 minutes.

After battling the heat and happy with our results, we meet up in a cafe and talk about what the pictures we've taken. Different people captured different images with different styles. Very interesting! Then we end up talking about other things and get to know each other. Thanks again to all these great photographers and to Out & Out Club Toronto! We were happy and hoping to do the same thing some other time. Just like Pee-wee's said: " Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer!" 😉 

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