Halloween is back, back, BACK!

It's been almost two years since everything came to a stop because of the pandemic. But now so many people lately invest in their health and care for their loved ones, they've decided to get vaccinated. The world began to reopen. People can dine-in, concert halls and venues now slowly come alive and events can be held in person again.

The same thing that happened in our Raglan Community, right here in the heart of Toronto. We decided it's time to put smiles on people's faces especially kids! Halloween is the best time to show and dressed up as far as your imagination can take you. With an abundance of food, great music and laughter from our close neighbours it was a successful costume party. One even came as T-Rex rider and chosen as the winner for the best costume this Halloween!

Here are some of the best costumes this year and enjoy.

(to download, simply right-click and "save image as")