Umbrellas Lighting Guerillas

Photography is all about lighting and being creative with it. There are a lot of techniques, conception and theories but then again it always depends on how you want the end result would be. With the correct gear (it does not need to be expensive) you can create a stunning picture! I still love natural light of course but sometimes photographers need extra gear when working indoor. I found a super simple on how you can be creative with lights using umbrellas. A certain position on how you place the umbrellas can make a huge difference on the object. Then again it also can create an underexposure on certain angle in your end result. Just be fun with your lighting and keep trying until you get your own style in playing with the lights!

 According to Miguel Quiles, there are at least five different types of positioning your umbrellas to shoot portrait/ models:

1. Front Centered Above:

Light centered in front of the model and raised to where the bottom of the modifier is 4 feet or higher.

2. Sandwich Lighting:

Light raised above subjects head by 2 feet or more and a reflector is placed below.

3. Hair/Edge/Separation Light:

Place the light 30 to 150 degrees behind the subjects head.

4. 45-er:

Light placed 2 to 3 feet away at 45 degrees to the left or right of the subject and the bottom of the umbrella is eye level with the subject.

5. Background:

You can use your umbrella as a backdrop for a unique look, placing a large umbrella behind the subject and two 4×8 white v-flats (or a white wall) about 3 feet in front.


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